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How this app is working?

This app is working by some steps!


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Download Shawir Apps from Google play or IOS store and Install it


Make a profile

Fill your profile details, easy for the expert to know who is talking with.


Browse Experts

Search for the expert you need , read/view his profile , if you would like talking to him, check his availability and the communication options available



Each experts charges per point , you can purchase points via the wallet icon in top.


Expert Registration

If you would like to register as an Expert, go to setting, select Request Expert, fill the form an submit, Wait for approval.

Frequently Asked Question

Common Questions from FAQ!

Welcome to Shawir! First you need to register as a user, then go to Settings>My Account and select Request Expert Account, fill the required information, be sure your personal profile is completed and submit it, once approved by Apps admin they will send you notification.
Once you’re accepted as expert, Shawir users will be able to find, search and reach you using your name or your Shawir ID or your expertise. You must share your Shawir ID and Expert profile to your social media network to attract clients and boost your business.
You can instantly contact any Expert by pressing on any of his enabled contact options underneath his profile picture in the Experts page, in the Search page, or in the Expert Profile page.
In voice and video communications you never get charged before the Expert picks up your call. In chat on the other hand, you get charged as soon as you send your message to the Expert, but you can cancel it and get refunded for the full amount any time before the Expert answers.
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This app is available for your smart phone.

Whether you are an expert or seeker, Shawir provide the platform and services .

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